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Shereen Bar-or Becerra


Founder, Art Therapy Collective

Who is She/Her

Shereen's work experience includes group practices, community and family programming, educational settings, and foster care. Coming from these experiences and as a first generation American, the bulk of Shereen’s work is a sustained effort to dismantle systems of oppression ranging from harmful internalized beliefs and maladaptive behaviors to external systems and institutions. Shereen lives in Brooklyn and loves to be creative in her spare time, spend time with her partner and their 2 cats, and immerse herself in nature whenever possible. 

To learn more about Shereen's personal background, read On Being an Iranian Art Therapist published by the American Art Therapy Association. 

To learn more about Shereen's technique, read her quotes in Forbes Article, "Why (And How) To Nurture Your Creative Side At Work"

Therapeutic Approach

ATC's approach is based on the psychodynamic practice of person-centered, relational, and humanistic theories. We incorporate polyvagal and neuroscientific technique to regulate the nervous system for comprehensive and sustainable healing. In session, creativity development plays an integral role in healing and problem solving.


ATC Specializations

🦋 Identity Exploration is the process of sorting through various elements in an attempt to identify a set of goals, values, and beliefs that best serve you. Identity is the way you define your uniqueness through your past, present and future. This can include aspects of your gender, ethnicity, occupation, and other factors. Creating a sense of identity requires self reflection and self awareness to develop self esteem, self worth, and self understanding.

🌎 Third Culture refers to the mixed identity that an individual assumes, influenced both by their parents' culture and the culture in which they are raised. Unpacking complex social norms and cultural expectations has a tremendous effect on how we view ourselves and operate within the world.

🌱 Collective Wellness takes the step beyond self care and moves away from the notion that rugged individualism builds happiness. Collective wellness emphasizes the role of community and creates a sense of belonging to healthy networks as a form of support. As important as it is to develop a sense of self and identity, it is just as important to develop a sense of connection within a community to foster a sense of belonging.

Licensure and Certifications

New York State Office of the Professions

Mental Health Practitioner: Licensed Creative Arts Therapist License #002197-1

Art Therapy Credentials Board, Inc.

Board Certified and Nationally Registered Art Therapist #18-547

Professional Service

Social Action Chair & Secretary, Board of Directors, New York Art Therapy Association 

Mentor, Mentorship Program, The Brave House 

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